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When Is the Best Time to Schedule HVAC Maintenance?


It’s easy to overlook an HVAC maintenance agreement, but there are several benefits of scheduling regular service. The specific time you choose to schedule service is also important. The ideal time for heating and air conditioning system maintenance is immediately before you need the system the most. For example, schedule service for your heating system in the fall and line-up service for your A/C in the spring or as early in the summertime as possible.

Why Spring Is the Best Time for A/C Maintenance

Winter is not the best time for A/C repairs. Why? Because you aren’t using the air conditioning when it’s cold outside! There’s no reason to service a system that isn’t really going to be in use for another few months. Furthermore, the hottest months of the summer aren’t ideal times for service either. HVAC technicians can be busy this time of year, which means you may have to wait for service.

It’s a good idea to beat the rush and fix A/C problems early in spring, so you can stay cool once the warm weather comes around. No one wants to have his or her A/C break down during the hottest heat wave of the year. If your system does break down because you didn’t have proper maintenance, you could be waiting a while on a repair or a replacement.

Why Fall Is the Best Time for Heater Maintenance

Testing out your heater when it’s warm outside is not ideal, which is why it makes more sense to schedule heater maintenance in the fall. Just like trying to get A/C maintenance in the middle of the summer, you may also have a long wait if you wait until the winter to deal with your heating system.

If you have a combination cooler and heater, having a maintenance plan will enable your entire system to receive service twice a year—in the fall and in the spring. There’s nothing quite like knowing your system is ready for the next big weather event. Instead of worrying if you will come home to miserable conditions, you can have peace of mind knowing you have the right climate control when you need it most.

Let Billy Butler Handle Your HVAC Maintenance

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