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What’s the Best Air Filter for Your Air Conditioner?

Best Air Filter

The best air filter for your HVAC equipment depends on the system you have, your property, and your lifestyle. Follow along as we cover the top filter types and the benefits they offer. We’ll even give you a tip for purchasing high-quality filters on the cheap!

Top Air Filters for Normal Use

HVAC air filters aren’t typically used to clean the air in your home. They’re made to protect your heating and cooling system from the dirt, dust and other particles pulled in through air exchanges. The filter prevents these particles from entering your equipment where they can:

  • Cause blockages
  • Clog moving parts
  • Be redistributed throughout your home

If you buy filters at the local big box store, you might have found a very basic, very inexpensive model. It seems like a great bargain, but it’s one that will cost you in the long run. These filters don’t keep out enough debris to keep your system at top performance. In fact, you’ll spend more on repairs and maintenance than if you increased your quality standards by just a few MERV ratings.

MERV What?

MERV ratings – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value – tell you which particles a filter can remove from the air. For instance:

1 to 4 – pollen, dust, carpet fibers
5 to 8 – mold spores, hairspray
9 to 12 – auto emissions, flour, lead dust
13 to 16 – cigarette smoke, bacteria, human sneezes

The higher the MERV rating, the thicker the filter. So, if you want to upgrade your filter past MERV 13, know that it might require adjustments to your existing HVAC system. Higher-rated filters also cost more, sometimes by quite a lot. A technician can help you determine whether it would be best to upgrade your system filter or invest in a separate air cleaning device.

Clean Air Filters Make All the Difference

So many HVAC problems are solved immediately by changing the air filter. A dirty filter puts your system under strain, leading to:

  • Higher bills
  • Lower efficiency
  • Lukewarm air
  • Tripped fuses
  • Even a unit that won’t turn on

Restricted airflow from a dirty filter also causes greater wear-and-tear on your HVAC system. If you want higher bills and more repairs, be sure to ignore basic maintenance. If you’d like an HVAC system you can rely on, purchase high-quality filters and change them once a month (or once every three months, depending on the instructions for your product).

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