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Saving Money with Air Conditioner Maintenance


Each year, it’s recommended to schedule an HVAC contractor come out to your Lawrenceville home and provide air conditioner maintenance. This tune up visit will make sure your equipment is prepared for the rigorous, intensive use it will get throughout the most demanding months of the year. So, how much money can an AC tune up save you?  Let’s have a closer look.

Costs of Running Your Air Conditioning

On average, running the air conditioning will cost a homeowner between $450 and $1600 per year based on the length of the cooling season and the overall system efficiency  That before mentioned numbers represent costs for systems that are operating at top efficiency.  If your system has dirty filters, is in need of desperate cleaning, or has a thermostat that is not calibrated accurately, the costs can significantly increase.

Wondering how much more you could be shelling out for cooling month after month when this occurs? The EPA’s Energy Star website estimates a 10 to 30% cost increase that can originate from improperly maintained systems, and it may be even higher if your hvac system is old and lacking energy efficiency features found in newer models.

Annual Tune Up Essentials

Now, what needs to be at the top of your list for a tune up? When you call an air conditioner maintenance and repair company, they will likely carry out a number of tasks including:

    • Coolant and Pressure System Inspection
    • Thermostat Calibration
    • Cleaning the Evaporator Coil(s)
    • Tighten Wiring, Capacitors, Relays and Contacts
    • Cleaning and Clearing the Condenser and Condensate Drain
    • Compressor Efficiency Check
    • Condenser Fan and Motor Inspection

This is only a basic list for a typical tune up of a standard central air conditioning system. You can certainly complement this tune up by examining your filters once a month and removing any debris from around the outdoor compressor units. You’ll want to also look at your thermostat monthly to confirm that it is functioning properly. Otherwise, call to schedule an inspection to prevent substantial increases in monthly energy expenses.Larger air conditioning system repairs typically take less than a day, plus when you are on an annual maintenance plan, repairs can cost considerably less when compared to emergency repair situations.  Schedule your air conditioner tune up today and save money on your summer energy bills.

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