Follow these tips to maximize HVAC efficiency this summer.

1. Change Filters Regularly –
Every three months is often enough, unless you smoke or have indoor
pets, then you should change filters each month.

2. Regularly clean debris from outdoor units –
This includes leaves and dirt. Be sure to keep bushes and shrubs cut
back from the unit as well. Ants tend to build hills inside units, so keep
ant killer sprinkled around your unit.

3. Don’t allow dryer vents to blow on outdoor units –
All that heat makes the unit work twice as hard! Billy Butler HVAC can
re-direct your vent.

4. Keep unit serviced and outdoor coils cleaned –
A Spring and Fall service is enough. Dirty coils hinder the units ability to
absorb heat. Units low on coolant cost more to run.

5. Maintain a consistent indoor temperature –
Keep your home cooler or warmer, whichever you prefer, but pick a
temperature and leave it there! Constantly raising and lowering indoor
temperature makes your unit work harder, using more energy and costing
you more money.


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