HVAC Efficiency Tips

Follow these tips to maximize HVAC efficiency this summer. 1. Change Filters Regularly – Every three months is often enough, unless you smoke or have indoor pets, then you should change filters each month. 2. Regularly clean debris from outdoor units – This includes leaves and dirt. Be sure to keep bushes and shrubs cut back from the unit as … Read More

Saving Money with Air Conditioner Maintenance

Saving Money in the Long Run with Air Conditioner Maintenance: Some Tips for homeowners Each year, it’s recommended to schedule an HVAC contractor come out to your Lawrenceville home and provide a thorough air conditioner tune up. This visit will make sure your equipment is prepared for the rigorous, intensive use it will get throughout the most demanding months of … Read More

Are Clean Air Filters Important?

Are Clean Air Filters Really Important for Air Conditioner Efficiency? As everyone in Georgia knows, ac units are expensive to operate in the heat of the summer- and it costs even more when they are not working at 100% efficiency. So, it is essential to conduct various regular maintenance activities that make sure the system uses the least amount of … Read More